Can Kaspa (KAS) Attain $2 to $4 by 2024?


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In a recent video analysis, the optimistic cryptocurrency educator, Crypto BULLGod, lays out a compelling scenario for the Kaspa cryptocurrency (KAS), envisioning a potential surge to $2-$4 USD in 2024. A thorough examination of Kaspa’s current market stance and future growth prospects forms the crux of his analysis.

Current Market Evaluation

Crypto BULLGod initiates the discussion by dissecting Kaspa’s recent price movements, pinpointing a bullish pennant formation following substantial gains. Emphasizing the significance of sustained upward momentum, he sets a short-term target of approximately 38 cents. This analysis serves as the bedrock for his extended-term forecast.

Benchmarking Against Major Cryptocurrencies

Integral to Crypto BULLGod’s prognostication is the comparative assessment of Kaspa against the market capitalizations of well-established cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Matic, and Cardano. By juxtaposing potential market cap scenarios, he extrapolates the future USD values that Kaspa could potentially attain.

Market Cap and Price Predictions

In a scenario aligned with Litecoin’s market cap, Crypto BULLGod envisions Kaspa reaching $2 in 2024. In an optimistic scenario mirroring Cardano’s market cap, he asserts that $4 is an attainable target. These projections presuppose a consistent token supply and establish a correlation between price and market cap growth milestones.

While the envisaged market cap scenarios are ambitious, the educator proposes a valuation range for 2024 that is 17-33 times higher than current levels, deeming it a realistic possibility. Expressing his enthusiasm, he declares, “This project has me more excited from a fundamental perspective than any other in a long while.”

The buoyant outlook strikes a balance between Kaspa’s growth potential and its market position, coupled with its protocol strengths. Should the broader crypto market experience the anticipated parabolic gains, these ambitious targets of $2-$4 could materialize for investors.


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